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The silence of this place, permeable to the view, would calm more than a neo urban

Acquired in 1797 by the Demez Family, the mill took, not without cause, the name of its buyer. Until the appearance of the big companies, the mill Demez has lived of its glorious years. The stream “La Berwinne”, crossing the entire domain, has greatly contributed to its success in these early years.

Devastated during the First World War, the mill has never been rebuilt since and has finally turned into a solitary farm, emerging in a background surrounded by woods.

In 1971, Rolf Offergelt and his family, leaving their city of Aix-La-Chapelle, bought the old farm and the surrounding land. They decided to demolish the old building and to erect a magnificent mansion instead, using many materials from the old home. They also started a big program of tree planting, which will give undeniable charm to the valley.


It was in 2003 that the house found a new impetus and dynamism through their daughter Ruth and her husband Jean-Pierre, who decided to make this place the most prestigious Gîte of Wallonia. Indeed, in September 2011, the Demeure du Boukai-Moulin receives its classification as “5 épis”, the highest distinction ever awarded to a Gîte in Wallonia at that time.

However, following the unfortunate death of Ruth, Jean-Pierre decided to transmit the activity they built together to refocus on new projects. In November 2019, the Geron-Bastings Family acquired the magnificent estate with the aim of reviving the soul of the old mill.  

From the Demez mill to the Domaine du Boukai-Moulin

The Geron-Bastings Family

The Geron-Bastings Family, Belgian-Dutch, is a family that grew up a few kilometers away from the Domaine du Boukai-Moulin. Five elements complete her to form a united ensemble characterized by its multidisciplinary talents. Paul, the father, is the technical expert who always finds a solution to everything. Monique, the mother, is an experienced accountant who hides her talent as an artist behind her beautiful decorations. Claudia, the twin sister, is a stylist by training who knows how to bring things up to date. Thomas, the twin brother, nicknamed as the "Swiss knife", is full of ideas to make the experience at the Domaine even more magical. And, without forgetting the 5th element, Frédérique, the little sister, and protective of our environment, has the eye to make our missions sustainable and personalized.

Paul, Monique, Claudia, Thomas & Frédérique
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